Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing a Solar Power System in Your Home

Are you considering using solar energy in your home? 

Solar panel installation is an excellent way to lower your domestic energy bills since it allows you to utilise the sun's energy free of charge. Additionally, solar power is a clean form of energy because it does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, solar technologies aren't for everyone. Here are some important questions to ask yourself before investing in a solar system:

Is There an Abundance of Sunlight Where You Live?

Solar power is the most abundant renewable energy source in the world. However, it is not abundant everywhere. Before investing in a solar energy system, you should make sure there is an abundance of sunshine where you live.

If the area doesn't receive plenty of sunlight throughout the year, investing in a solar system may not make sense.

How Do You Intend to Use the Sun's Energy?

Solar technologies rely on the sun's energy to generate electricity or heat for your domestic use. Your specific energy needs will determine the type of panels that you should install. If you want to use solar energy to heat your domestic water, it makes sense to install solar thermal panels. These panels convert the energy in the sun into heat, which is then used to heat water directly. 

If you want to generate your own electricity for immediate use at home, storage or transmission to the electric grid for credits on your domestic electric bill, you will need to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. This type of solar technology works by converting the energy in sunlight into useable electricity.

Can Your Roof Support Your Solar Panels?

Although solar panels are typically installed on roofs, not all roofs are structurally sound enough for solar system installation. Before you purchase solar panels for your home, ask a residential roofer to inspect your roof to determine if it can carry the weight of the panels. 

If the roof isn't strong enough to hold heavy weights, you may need to have it fixed or reinforced before attaching the panels to it. If the panels can't be mounted on the roof, they can be ground-mounted.

Is solar energy right for you and your home? The answer to this question depends on your specific needs and situation. If you live in a place that receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year, have sufficient space for panel installation, and can afford the solar technology needed to meet your domestic energy needs, then going solar makes sense. Talk to a solar energy expert to discuss your needs and budget.

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